…I know. Vhat I mean is t’at you haven’t really shown up in the ‘social world’…t’ough, to be honest, I haven’t much eit’er. Only recently I’ve started to make an appearance. I suppose everyv’one has been awfully busy…but jo, you start to miss faces.

Ah … I see.

And yes, I’ve never really been that active, I suppose. I don’t keep in touch as often as I’d like to, and really, I miss the days of old letter writing… there was a lot less demand to keep up, as well. Busy is busy, I do like things keeping me productive, though. 

It’s odd, really. Even with the kind of lives we lead… 

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Ludwig! What is going on? I think I smell food. How do I even smell, I do not know.

Ah, I have decided to have a small, non-business related meeting, as I’ve been absent for so long.

/talking to a stick, basically

'You're the idiot.'

'Actually no I think you’re the idiot.’

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I blame you completely for this.



I’ve dealt with some shit. But being a waitress isn’t one of those things. I think you should take over, go get that apro—

[ Ludwig. Why. Stop. ]


So be it, I’m willing to accept that.

/came up with this plan after all

I didn’t say you had to cater people— /eats more ham

It would be nice if you tried talking to them, though. You know, entertain, sort of thing. I think the general rule is if you don’t raise your voice too much or call them stupid, you won’t frighten them away or offend them.


[ He’s dressed, amazingly, complete with pants. But still, less than enthusiastic. ]


West, this was a fucking awful idea.

[ There’s a plate of sausage, cheese and biscuits on a table. Help yourself, Gilbert isn’t. ]


/he places a hand on the man’s shoulder

I know it seems like a terrible situation, but there’s nothing we can do. We can’t run from our responsibilities. I think this is a positive step in becoming better men. 

We will— /gets distracted by some ham

/he eats said ham

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I’ve missed you and Gilberto as well! 

Did you say? The magic word?


I will make you gelato from scratch! Any flavor you’d like. Oh, oh, oh, oh and then if it warms up a little we can go walking by the sea! And then, and then, and then we can go see a movie! Or go to the theater! Or go shopping—

Eh, what was that about work…

Have you? I suppose life would have been just as quiet without us, as well— /definitely doesn’t have a booming voice that most neighbours could easily hear, not at all

…/already a little hungry just thinking about it

I’ve missed everything, I don’t care, even the ridiculously sweet! Hazelnut and chocolate, however, I will never tire of. And I suppose with that, I can settle for whatever plans you may have, it’s been a while since I’ve even been to a cinema, hm…

And work, you know… paperwork, schedules, meetings.

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I’ll go get the sausage ready.


…Please remember not to put that one on the plate. 



ahoj shitnerd

My, my, look who decided to show up. 



I’ve always been around, you know… I just didn’t see much point in being all that sociable out of meetings. I’m afraid it wasn’t really worth the headaches. But— I suppose you begin to miss others after a while. It’s nice to see familiar faces.

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You never said we were having guests.

Gilbert. We need to be more welcoming, set some example for our neighbours, yes?

I want to be a decent role-model. 

You should get ready, I’ll hold them off until then. 



We are overdue for a sleep~over~

I have already expressed that I’d rather not watch films for children on a couch all night, but life has not been the same without our conversations.

I hope you’ve been keeping up with your work, Feliciano. Perhaps we should have lunch some time— I’ve been without gelato for too long.

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